The Global Corona Effect

Police, administration, health workers, sanitation workers, etc. came to be referred as "Corona warriors" came to the forefront to fight this Corona Pandemic, and all the citizens were instructed to stay in their own homes.

Due to the corona epidemic, from the beginning of the year 2020, the whole world is struggling to save the lives of its citizens in every region. As the month of March approached, the epidemic took over almost the entire world. By this time, Corona began to show and manifest its horrific form. The main challenge of governments was the protection of their citizens. Therefore, prohibiting all economic, social and religious activities, the Governments world over decided to lock-down their respective countries.

Police, administration, health workers, sanitation workers, etc. came to be referred as “Corona warriors” came to the forefront to fight this Corona Pandemic, and all the citizens were instructed to stay in their own homes. To prevent the spread of Corona virus, exiting the house was banned. Due to the Corona crisis, the communication revolution played a big role in connecting people locked in their homes to the world and society. Television, telephone, computer, Internet, mobile are the drivers of the communication revolution. This revolution eradicated the distinction of rich – poor, literate – illiterate, village – city, etc., making “mobile phones” in the hands of almost everyone, where the availability of “Internet” and the activation of “social media” all together combined. Television channels have been popular in electronic media since the beginning. Now the craze for Fire Stick, Netflix, and Prime Video etc. is also increasing.

YouTube channel, along with other activities, has become a beautiful medium to teach many things to the people sitting at home. In view of the “lockdown”, all the restaurants, Hotels, street Food stalls are closed hence nobody can go out to eat. People have started using this medium to share Recipies and exchange photographs of the food. This has become a favourite pastime with people. People have started using this medium to demonstrate their abilities in this lock down.

In this Corona period, the expression “Apna Haath Jagannath” is also becoming popular in every household. In various engagements, buried “hobbies” are becoming vocal and shared to favored friends. Like Singing, Sewing, Stitching, Painting, Drawings, Sketching, Digital Art, sharing old photographs from black/white era (asking “pehchan kaun” questions), sharing riddles etc.

The patriotism also seems to be awakened during the Corona period. Positive feeling is also arising towards the traditions. Yoga, Pranayama, Ayurveda, vegetarianism, purity etc. are being put into practice. Pleasure and satisfaction are being experienced in life, even without being ostentatious and meeting limited needs.

This crisis period has made workers realize the power of the workers, rather than the capitalists. The importance of simple living in villages has been shown. This has exposed the illusion regarding life of cities. Humans have been freed from just being a tool for marketing. Even in this calamity, as usual, with exceptions of course, ordinary citizens have witnessed and practiced social harmony, social service, solidarity with a sense of responsibility. They have lived by restraint and discipline. The understanding and responsible public behaviour has given rise to hope as well. The lockdown caused by “Covid – 19” has negatively impacted the economy around the world. No country is untouched by this situation. Whether it’s a developed nations or underdeveloped. Economic activities like production, distribution etc. has become very limited. As a result, there is also a decrease in employment and purchasing power. Governments have to find solutions on local basis. Certainly, in general all countries, and their citizens, will have to go through difficult times. One has to maintain balance with endurance and patience. Corona’s calamity has entangled “humans” in a cycle of restraint, balance, discipline, hope, relaxation, diligence, conviction, faith, antiquity, Archaic, etc., by imprisoning them in homes. This has provided an opportunity to our mother “Nature”, to revive the transmission of life.

The “Panch Mahabhut”, of the structure of human construction, engages in the process of cleanliness.

  • The Air is getting cleaner
  • Earth is getting cleaner
  • The Fire is getting clean
  • Water is getting clean
  • The Sky is getting cleaner

The “ozone layer hole”, caused by global warming, to prevent the sun’s harmful rays, is now recovering. Mountain ranges are visible from the cities which are 200-300 Kms away. Beautiful views are seen under the rivers and the ocean. Now we have “Starry Nights”, we can see the stars flickering. The clear message of “Corona” is that

“Excess of everything is bad may it be rain or sunshine Neither is excess of speech or quietness good”

As humans we should learn from the “Corona Crisis” and make sure that we always maintain a balance in our life with nature. There should be no encroachment in the name of modernization and development. Only then, “human life” can remain happy and satisfied.