Dwarka – Gateway to Heaven

Dwarka’s nearest island is “Bhet Dwarka” with another famous tale and Beautiful Temple.
Dwarka - Gateway to Heaven

Sitting atop of Western coast and Arabian Sea is the magnificent kingdom of Lord Krishna. Dwarka is the western most pilgrimage of India situated in state of Gujarat. With more than million travelers visiting this destination in a year, Dwarka holds a unique charm for all Krishna Devotees. It is believed that Lord Krishna set up his golden kingdom on the shores of this land.

The main attraction of the destination is the glorious temple of Krishna. Staged with beautiful garlands and innumerable ecstasies, the whole atmosphere danced with devotional songs and prayers. Dwarka is also home to one of the only four “Matths” set by Prabhu Adi Shankaracharya. One can witness the marvels of Vedic Literature at the “Gurkuls” in the city.

Dwarka’s nearest island is “Bhet Dwarka” with another famous tale and Beautiful Temple. To visit “Bhet Dwarka”, travelers usually rent a ferry with ride time of approximately 25 minutes. “Bhet Dwarka” marks the meeting spot of Krishna with his friend “Sudama”, thus it proves to be of great significance for all the devotees.

Dwarka literally means – “Gateway to Heaven” in Hindi. This destination not only awes travels with massive spiritual vibes but also gives a deep insight of Hinduism in its true sense.

We started our day with visiting the temple early morning and attending the first “Aarti” of the day. After mesmerizing prayers and beautiful sunrise, we headed out for the Rukmani Temple.

The walls of Rukmani Temple portrayed amazing wiliness against the decaying nature of time and metaphorically justified every tale associated with the place.

Next was the signature Gujarati Breakfast of Khakra and Poha along with tangy and sweet “Chutney”.

Next part was pretty exciting; we rushed towards the shore and rented a seat in retro ferry towards Bhet Dwarka. The ferry offered us very smooth ride in a very calm bay. The ferry was escorted with flying seagulls and moving fishes. It’s not a dive site, but the water and marine life was inviting every soul to take a dip in Sparkling Water.

Bhet Dwarka darshan were very calm and soothing for all the travelers. We also visited a very ancient lesser known Hanuman Mandir on that very island. We were amazed to see that magical floating rock with “SRI RAM” written on it. That whole island offered spiritual magic.

We returned to main Dwarka post lunch. Evenings were perfectly spent at sea beach, bathing and sanding. After such a glorious day consuming architectural   galore, we again went to main temple for attending a calmer “Shayan Aarti”.

Everything was so decent and relaxing in evening. This day spent at beautiful Spiritual Land of Dwarka was just marvelous.

A must visit, highly recommended destination on your tour map.

Written By: Krishnam Gupta