The Aquatic Marvels of the Indian Subcontinent – Neil and Havelock Islands

Neil and Havelock islands are part of Andaman and are known for coral reefs, white sand beaches and its sunset point.

Subtle ocean waves and beautiful sunset at the beach is perfect recipe to carve out any odyssey. Neil and Havelock are the perfect destinations for travelers looking out to marine in ocean and enjoy calm and pro astro beaches.

Located at 22 nautical miles from the dock of Port Blair, Neil Island offers a unique experience to all its guests. It’s a very tiny island with total area less than 15 square km. Though it’s a tiny island, it is inhabited by one of the tallest trees of the planet with height of more than 80 feet.

As the yacht enters Neil waters, every tourist is awed with the display of such magnum trees that makes human kind feel like microorganisms. During the stay, travelers can rent scooters and roam about in dense interiors filled with green aroma. Evenings are well spent at beaches with water sports and sand castles. The night offers surprising view of sky, full of stars. If you choose to stay at a beach resort, you would be amazed to see the reflection of night sky in the ocean in front of you. It’s truly a magical experience. Some beaches of Neil Island are rocky and thus display beautiful mangrove trees in middle of the sea. These sights can be visited only during the low tide as other times these are covered with sea water. Neil islands offer a unique blend of topographical features and have some fad for every person. After spending amazing day at Neil, most tourists move to a rather “Typical” Island of Havelock.

Havelock Island is appreciably larger than Neil Island. The waters on the shores of this island are as clear and blue as the open sky. Exotic marine life truly adds on to the whole experience for all the scuba divers and snorkelers. The variety of sea shells and fishes is surprisingly overwhelming. There are two major beaches at Havelock Island, Radhanagar Beach and Elephant Beach.

The Radhanagar beach offers huge sand area for travelers to go on really long walks along the sea shore with soothing and cool sea waves. It also offers proper beach amenities such as changing rooms, sea guard, etc. Due to its massive size, it doesn’t feel crowded or cramped even on peak tourist seasons. Some tourists extend their stay on the island only because of the utter magnificence and vastness of the beach.

Then there is famous Elephant beach. The water on its shore is totally transparent and thus, tourist witnesses a different beach experience. This beach is a proper diving site and thus it attracts many foreign tourists as well. On low tides, even the non-swimmers can enjoy almost the same experience as the ocean bed becomes very clear with low water levels. Havelock also has relatively better accommodation options than Neil islands.

The overall Island experience is pretty fascinating as it also has some dense tropical mountains on the terrain. Few, adventure loving tourists also go for trekking on the ranges and thus enjoy heights in middle of vast ocean. Havelock and Neil islands are truly the gems of Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

Written By: Krishnam Gupta