The Haunted City of Bhangarh

Temple which was decent sized but, was mounted on a very high base. One had to climb around 50 stairs to reach to that height.

The city of Bhangarh which once laded a kingdom has now been rendered as a pile of broken rocks, cracked structures and nothing but silence and loneliness all around. City which once chirruped owing to innumerable people and roared being ruled by valiant emperors has turned as lifeless as a long forgotten crypt. Enveloped by an abominable lull and an atmosphere of horror and mystery.

We stepped into the fort through a gate which was made between a long and high walled boundary, resembling the famous Great Wall of China. The ends of the wall could not be seen as they spread till eternity. Beyond the entry was a guided granite stoned path which went through like a corridor between historical ruins. The ruins of which once was the main bazaar or market of the city. This quite long path ended on a much higher and larger gate. Inside the gate was vast open grassland. On the left were some wilderness, a tomb and a pond; on the right was a temple.

Temple which was decent sized but, was mounted on a very high base. One had to climb around 50 stairs to reach to that height. The temple being historical was a simple stoned temple with no glittery idols, jewellery or decorations. It had a bell and some carvings on the wall. It very much resembled the stereotypical temples shown in Hindi movies and soaps.

On the front was the main building of the fort which was as high as the mountain behind it. Apparently only the lower three floors of the fort have remained. The top four floors have fallen off. The view from the third floor of the fort was immensely beautiful, serene and tranquil. With no human encroachment to be seen. The limits of the view extended beyond the boundaries of the city till infinity. On the right side, above the fort, on the mountain, was a small tomb which is the home to the tantric’s grave who cursed the once lively city of Bhangarh. It is believed that no one can go to that tomb. And whoever does, does not return.

The story of this tantric named Singhia is also a bit peculiar. The tantric was is love with the eighteen years old princess of Bhangarh, Ratnavati. When she was to get married, the tantric got to know that he cannot even see her, let alone meet her. The desperate tantric casted a spell on the oil being bought by the princess’ maid for her, so that she would get mesmerized by him and would marry him. However, the princess got to know about this and poured the oil on a rock. The rock rolled towards him and crushed the tantric to death. While Singhia was dying, he cursed the palace with the death of whoever dwelt within it. Soon after Ratnavati died in a war and the city was doomed. People also have said to see the princess’ spirit moving in the fort, in the night.