Mount Abu

Mount Abu:

Mount Abu is a very beautiful hill station in Rajasthan.
Guru Shikhar, the highest peak of the Aravalli mountain range, is also located here.
The mythological name of Mount Abu is Arbudanchal, it is popularly known as Abu in the form of Apabhramsa.
According to mythological beliefs, Guru Vashistha performed a huge yagna here to kill the demons.
The Dilwara Temple in Mount Abu is famous all over the world for its architecture, and is also a tourist attraction.
Nakki Lake and the Turtle Rock and Toad Rock located on either side of it encourage the tourists.
Sunrise and sunset in the hills of Mount Abu captivate everyone by producing amazing views.
The serene, beautiful, serene Aravalli mountain range, the hills of Mount Abu, adoring their holy places in every season, with panoramic views and gifts of happiness, forever connects the tourists with them.

Surely Mount Abu is an enchanting destination for tourists.