Panoramic view of colorful sunrise in mountains. Filtered image:cross processed vintage effect.


तिमिर ह्रास, प्राची निखार
सप्तरथ सवार

अरुणोदयी, लालिमा निखार
चैतन्य संसार

नमन-वंदन बारंबार”


Without the Sun we won’t have light on the earth.
Without the sun we won’t have its heat and the earth would freeze.
Sun is the main source of energy of the earth.
Without the sun’s energy there will be no growing food or winds or clouds; meaning no water, no rain, and no survival.
Without the sun’s energy, the plants will not grow; which means not providing us with food and oxygen.
The Vedic literature states the sun as a savior and sustainer of life.
According to the “Rig Ved”, Sun rays can heal heart problems, jaundice, anemia, etc.…
The Sun’s gravitational pull keeps the Earth in its orbit.

Aadya Garg